Paroc ceiling solutions

Ceilings are excellent places for sound absorbing materials as well as additional fire and thermal insulation. Because they are installed so high, the soft and absorbent stone wool slabs and lamellas are safe from mechanical damage and provide optimal acoustic performance. At the same time that you create a good sound environment, you increase the fire safety and energy efficiency of the structure.

We have ideal insulation solutions for different kind of ceilings. The below section of this site contains the most common ceiling insulation solutions for buildings. Choose your ceiling type to find the PAROC product you need.

Cellars, car parks and other cold spaces under warm buildings are excellent places to save energy and enhance the quality of living. Ceiling insulation in basements is easy to install – even afterwards. At the same time you decrease your overall energy bill, you increase the surface temperature of the upper floors, add fire safety between the floors and reduce noise in cellar space. All these benefits and the new ceiling surface looks great!

Improve the energy efficiency of old buildings using the same instructions.