Sustainability and values

We strive to bring Owens Corning values, i.e.

  • living safely,
  • winning with customers,
  • leading in quality,
  • expanding our impact through sustainability,
  • turning knowledge into value, and
  • striving to be better, every day,

into life in our everyday work.  

For us, every day is a new opportunity to save energy, conserve resources, and make decisions that help sustain our planet. We work together to reduce our negative footprint, and expand our positive handprint. PAROC products contribute to sustainability by creating an energy-efficient, fire safe and acoustically sound environment. We pay special attention to environmental aspects, such as energy efficiency, recycling and emissions. Corporate responsibility also gives assurance to our partners of enduring quality, compliance and safety, reducing material lifecycle cost, speeding up installation and building partnerships. 

We offer our personnel a safe and enjoyable working place with opportunities to pursue their personal goals. Our own long-term success can provide continued and increased employment. We also offer our suppliers and partners income and the possibility to grow. 

Until 2018, Paroc published independent sustainability reports. As of 2018, as part of Owens Corning, our sustainability data will be included in the Owens Corning sustainability reports.

Owens Corning Sustainability Report 2019

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