Now we are increasing the pressure! For your and the environment's sake.

19 Mar 2019

Increased compression of insulation packages

We are now taking the next step in helping the environment by further compressing our products. This spring, we are increasing the compression rate on several of our products by up to 70% – this means less transport, reduced storage requirements and easier management.

Paroc is working actively for the environment, and effective compression of our products is an important part of this work. Highly-compressed products mean less transportation and reduced storage space for both Paroc and its customers. Product handling is also made easier and it requires less building space. 

This is ongoing work, the more we can compress our products, the less the environment is impacted during transportation and warehousing. And this is important to us. We are now taking the next step and compressing up to 70%, says Lars-Erik Olsson, Product Manager at Paroc Building insulation in Skövde.

The challenge lies in maintaining the high quality of our products while ensuring they are still easy to use. 

Compressing products is not difficult in itself, but increasing compression while preserving our products' unique qualities and quality is a challenge. That is why we are pleased to be able to implement this, "says Lars-Erik Olsson.

The compressed products are currently available only in Norway.